wbStego4open is an open source application for Windows and Linux. Sources are provided for Delphi5+ and Kylix 1+.
You can use it to hide any type of file in the following types of carrier files:
  • Windows bitmaps with 16, 256 or 16.7M colors
  • ASCII or ANSI text files
  • HTML files
  • Adobe PDF files
    Click here for more information on carrier files.

The data is stored in the carrier files without modifying them for the viewer. Click here for more information about steganography.

User Interfaces

wbStego4 provides two types of user interfaces: The Wizard mode, which guides you step-by-step through encoding and decoding and the Flowchart mode for advanced users, to make all settings in one time-saving overview flowchart.
To select files, just drag them from Windows Explorer or desktop into wbStego4!

Copyright Information

If you want to use wbStego4 for hiding copyright information, you got a powerful tool now: the copyright information manager. It helps you to maintain copyright profiles so that you can easily hide an invisible copyright information to your files. Click here for details!

screenshot crypto settings


wbStego4 hides your sensitive data in the carrier using one of the algorithms Blowfish, Twofish, CAST and Rijndael (AES). So nobody will be aware of the fact that this data exists as it would be the case when sending an encrypted file. But another user of wbStego4 could look for data in any carrier file. To avoid this, wbStego4 offers additional cryptographic functions that are used before hiding the data. So the data extracted by another wbStego4 user who doesn't have the password you used for encoding, just gets useless data.


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Developer documentation for the source distribution of wbStego4open can be found here.

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