User Interface


wbStego4 offers two different user interfaces: The Wizard Mode and the Flowchart Mode.

Wizard Mode

The Wizard Mode is an easy, step-by-step guide through the process of hiding data in a file ore decoding data from a manipulated carrier file. For each step context sensitive help is provided.

In every step your input is evaluated and you are notified if some input is missing or your input is incorrect. To specify the files you wnat to use, just drag them into the wbStego4 Wizard window.

Securing your sensitve data cannot be easier!

screenshot wizard
screenshot flowchart mode

Flowchart Mode

When you are familiar with the way the program works and you are using the tool frequently you probably don't want to go through the wizard steps every time. In this user interface you can make all relevant settings in one flowchart that shows the whole endcoding and decoding process. You can just drag the files you want to use onto the icons in the flowchart.

You always have the overview over all your settings and it saves a lot of time if you just have to click on a few icons to define what the toll shall do for you.

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